Smoko Vans for Sale

Food trucks come in all shapes and sizes these days. Some offer full restaurant quality meals, others provide a unique specialty or experience. And then there’s the vans that provide a mix of simple meals to catch people on their smoko break.

Whatever type of van you’re looking for, Van Demons will have the perfect van  for sale to suit your needs. Our smoko vans are second to none, providing all of the amenities you’d need to capture your customers’ attention and give them the quick meal they’re looking for.

The Perfect Vans to Catch Customers on their Smokos

Weoffer retro food vans, as well as custom built food vans and other vehicles to suit a range of purposes. Whether you’re setting up shop near a construction site, or you’re travelling from location to location,  attending markets or even sporting events, our vans offer the ideal solution for entering the food truck business.

Catch your customers on their smoko breaks  with our range of smoko vans for sale. Each of our available options meet strict Australian healthy and safety standards to ensure you, other road users and your customers are kept safe. The typical smoko van for sale will include appliances such as a pie warmer, coffee machine and refrigeration.  We install stainless benchtops and sink, shelving, undercounter coffee cup dispensers, a hot water system and generator as a minimum, and whatever else you think you might need in your smoko van. We always use commercial grade fittings to ensure you’re getting the highest quality smoko van to suit your business needs.  And we can source the right appliances at the right price to put into your smoko van through our relationships with major brand suppliers.

Get Your Own Smoko Van Now

Smoko vans are a wonderful solution for entering the food truck industry.  Most only operate 5 days a week, starting early but finishing just after the lunch rush. Owning your own smoko van can certainly bring with it a great deal of freedom and independence.  Sound exciting?  Become your own boss and get started with Van Demons today. Give us a call on 1300 886 773 and we’ll be happy to provide you with detailed quote. Alternatively, you can fill in our online enquiry form or send an email to and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible with the information you require.