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How to Choose the Ideal Food Trailers for Mobile Restaurants Business

By April 12, 2017Blog

Are you planning to start a mobile restaurant? Having a food trailer that is both attractive and efficient can create a huge positive impact on the success of your business. Need help to choose the best food trailer for your venture? Here are a few things to consider:

  1. The food trailer should be made of heavy duty steel.

A heavy-duty steel body will ensure your trailer’s durability. It should also have quality Sunraysia wheel and tyres, electric brakes, a hand brake, stabilizing legs, stabilizing system, jockey wheel, electric breakaway system, and heavy duty coupling.

  1. It should have insulated walls.

If your trailer’s walls have lightweight insulated EPS panels, you can be rest assured that it will stay cool inside since the insulation will keep heat out. The panels have a smooth gloss white finish, which you could cover with vinyl wrapping or leave as is.

  1. Waterproof flooring is advisable.

Having a restaurant business means occasional spills, and water-proof flooring would work best in this setting. Consider flooring that is made with structural honeycomb cored panels as they are lightweight and certainly heavy duty. There will also be no chance of wood rot or vermin infestations with this material because it does not have timber.

  1. The kitchen must be functional.

This is a very crucial aspect because a functional kitchen ensures that your restaurant operates smoothly and can dish out food quickly. Make sure that your trailer has quality commercial grade kitchen fitting and appliances from top brands.

If you want a food trailer that has all the qualities mentioned above, look for a manufacturer that only uses premium and advanced building materials. Also see to it that your trailer comes with a warranty because this will protect you from faulty construction.


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