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Choosing the Ideal Custom Food Trailers for Mobile Food Van Business

By December 4, 2015Blog

Food trailers are gaining a lot of popularity among street food lovers. For entrepreneurs, it is a great business. The chefs get to cook the food they love and can make the fresh food right in front of their customers. In addition, they get the opportunity to travel to different places while engaging in a profitable business.

If you want to start a mobile food van business, you need to decide whether to buy a custom-made food trailer or readily available one. Though both have their benefits, it is better to buy a made-to-order food trailer for the following reasons.

  • Designed for Your Type of Food: Once you have zeroed in on the right manufacturer, you can explain to them what you need from your food trailer. The manufacturers will fix the truck with high-quality gadgets and cooking equipment that suit your style of cooking, or the type of cooking your team will be doing. For instance, Mexican, Italian, Indian, Chinese food will require more apparatuses for cooking while Salads, Juices, Sandwiches, etc. will require much lesser appliances. A ready-made food trailer will not offer you these options.
  • Will Maximise Space Use and Increase Productivity: Some items may require two or three grill ovens in close proximity while others will need a sink next to the stove to easily drain the excess water from the boiled rice or noodles. A custom food trailer will give you all of that and will increase the legroom for your team to move effortlessly and efficiently. The same cannot be said for a ready-made food trailer.
  • Include the Required Additional Features: You can get the fabricator to include items such as larger or additional fresh water and wastewater tanks, hot water systems, LED screens to promote your products or advertise beer or drink brands, solar panels to optimise energy use, radio, audio and speakers, air-conditioners, seating spaces, etc. Again, another aspect that cannot be had with ready-made trailers.
  • After Sales Service: This is one of the biggest benefits of having a custom-made food trailer. They provide you with proper after sales service, and you can call them anytime in case of a problem. Their professional services are very efficient. You can also sign a contract with them for regular after sales service beyond the initial period.
  • Warranty: The food trailer fabricators give a structural warranty for 2 to 3 years on their vehicles. During the warranty period, they fix the truck or any equipment in case of a problem. Many manufacturers can also increase the warranty period after paying some additional amount. Ready-made trailers come with a lot of ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’ clauses, and the warranty is voided if you make any changes beyond what is allowed.

Considering the benefits, it makes sense to opt for ideal custom food trailers that help you increase your productivity and enable you to earn good revenue from a business you love. Check online for a few companies that make custom food trailers, and go and talk to them to learn more about what they can offer.

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