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Know about how Custom Made Food Vans are used for Business Expansion

By January 5, 2017Blog

The consumption of food is a multisensory experience. Consequently, food needs to look, smell and taste good.  Aiding a great food outlet to showcase their culinary skills and ramp up sales are the beautifully designed food trailers that have become landmarks in certain locations. With a lot riding on the presentation of the food, it is essential to pick the best in the industry to design and fabricate a high quality food van that grabs eyeballs. Here’s a quick look at how customised vans can enhance business prospects. 

Design – It Is All About Establish A Connect

A dreary food van will not be the first choice for a foodie.  After all, no one would really like to get food from a trailer that appears drab. Any food that is served, generally has colours and designs associated with it. For instance, a fresh juice outlet would ideally sport a cool and refreshing shade that represents chilled and fresh flavours. The designs would also be representative or suggestive. Therefore, vans that are designed to portray a theme fare much better than just another van. 

Sturdy Platform – Needs To Take Weight, Heat and Mobility

The van will house prepared food and possibly raw material. The build needs to be sturdy enough to withstand the heat generated from the kitchen, along with the weight in addition to being highly mobile. The use of waterproofed honeycomb cored panels, insulated panels, and heavy duty steel meet the requirements while being lightweight, offering advanced mobility. The stabilising legs, hand brakes and wheels offer superb support to outlet operations. 

Kitchen – The Heart of a Food Van

Undoubtedly, the most important part of a food van, the kitchen needs special care. A commercial kitchen is a lot different from a private kitchen. More so, when it is mobile. It needs to be super functional with the best fittings and appliances. The customers should share the taste of the food, and not the heat of the kitchen.  Professional van design and fabricating agencies create fabulous functional concepts, helping outlets to streamline operations.

Agencies that rely on professional CAD tools to create a design based on the inputs of the customer help to highlight the theme. The craftsmanship using superior materials translates the design concepts into functional trailers. Many ideas and menus have turned into success stories with the right presentation. Without exception, success is truly achieved when ideation gets the right platform. Are you looking for the best food van concept or creation?

About the Author:

Bo Pfromm is the owner of Van Demons Vans in Brisbane.  He has a passion for helping people realise their dreams by helping them join the food van revolution.  Call Bo or any of the Van Demons team on 1300 886 773 to get a quote on your custom built food truck.

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