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The Rise of Food Trucks in Brisbane

By June 3, 2016Blog

Brisbane now boasts some of the best restaurants and cafes in the country. Of late, the focus of food entrepreneurs seems to have shifted to food trucks, which are becoming popular not just in Brisbane but Australia wide. The city’s multicultural milieu is reflected in the range of cuisines on offer, tempting locals and visitors towards their delicious fare.

Many food truck owners do not like being restricted in what cuisine they cook. Conformity is out, innovation is in. The result has been a sporadic rise in the number of food trucks that are willing to bend the rules and bring out food that has never before been seen in their native lands. Some attempts at fusion food have also gained admirers among the harshest critics. And yet, there is room for more.

Popular Food Choices for Street Food in Brisbane

Barbeque: The messiest of street foods still remains a big draw. The secret seems to be an unpretentious, but by no means simple style. Slow smoked pulled pork shares space with braised ribs and beef brisket. Roasted vegetable salads and corn salsa that accompany them are terrific by their own right. It is not just the legendary American barbeque that draws the crowds, European and Asian styles are wildly popular options for food truck entrepreneurs.

Burgers: This often goes hand in hand with the barbeque serving food trucks, but a large number of people prefer to have their meat served between slices of fresh bread or buns. This is the hallmark of these food trucks. Fusion makes its presence felt here more than anywhere else with an array of cuisines being incorporated into the classic burger. Some of the most innovative chefs have created sandwiches, buns, and burgers that defy belief. They are a treat for the eyes as they are for the taste buds.

Regional: Mexican and Asian food reign supreme here. Yet others are making their presence known, and Brisbane loves it. A host of little heard of dishes are now the talk of the town as gastronomic delights from around the world are making their way to the streets of Brisbane via food trucks where food truck owners are becoming even more experimental than restaurant chefs.

Drinks: The ever dependable cup of coffee has never been more accessible, with food truck owners also offering cold drinks, milkshakes and juices along with freshly baked muffins, cakes, and cookies.

Perennial favourites like pizza and ice-cream are still great food truck ideas, and continue to be popular at all times of the year.  There are a number of wood fired pizza food trucks roaming the streets of Brisbane right now and judging by their popularity, there’s plenty of room for more. With some dedication, almost anyone with a passion for cooking can start a food truck business. A little business acumen and a custom built food truck can turn a good idea into a veritable success.

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