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Start Your Own Coffee Business with the Right Coffee Vans, Brand Image in Queensland

By April 24, 2017Blog

Establishing a brand image is important in starting your own coffee business in Queensland because only with a solid brand can you develop high recall and customer loyalty. Aside from providing great coffee and good service, one of the best ways to establish an impressive brand image is to use of the right coffee van. A high-quality food van allows you to bring your business to markets, festivals, carnivals, fetes, road shows, expos, and more!

When looking for a company that will help you build your van, be sure to choose one that can assist you through the whole food van process—from initial concept to design, manufacturing, sign writing, and council approvals. There are even companies that will help you come up with your menu for free.

Since the appearance and presentation of your van is crucial to building a thriving business, you have to work with a company that has a methodical approach to the construction and design of your van. This will ensure you that your van does not only look pleasant for your customers but is also functional and practical. After all, you need an efficient kitchen to serve your customers faster.

There are a couple of things to look for in your coffee van.

  • First, it should be durable. It must be made with heavy duty steel and have electric brakes, heavy duty coupling, stabilizing system, and jockey wheel.
  • Second, its floor must be waterproof. Check that if it is made of materials that are resistant to vermin infestations.
  • Third, look for lightweight insulated panels on the van’s walls in order to ensure that heat is kept out and the van stays cool inside. This can help you and your staff stay comfortable.
  • Finally, it is crucial that the van has quality commercial appliances because low-grade appliances will just cost you more in the long run and may even slow down your business.

A good van manufacturer offers superior craftsmanship, has a well-equipped production facility, and offers a warranty for your van. It uses only the best quality materials to construct your van to ensure that your coffee business can operate smoothly for many years to come.

About the Author:

Bo Pfromm is the owner of Van Demons Vans in Brisbane.  He has a passion for helping people realise their dreams by helping them join the food van revolution.  Call Bo or any of the Van Demons team on 1300 886 773 to get a quote on your custom built food truck.


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