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Choosing the right Food Trailers for Mobile Restaurants Business in Brisbane

By February 10, 2017Blog

A concept for mobile restaurant business in Brisbane can turn into the most successful venture if executed properly. And execution can be successful only when properly planned. After your concept has been finalised, you need to work around the right kind of trailer to deliver your concept. Depending on the kind of food and the various legislative requirements, you need to narrow down your search for the right trailer to roll out your food business. Outline below are some of the options that will help you zero in on the best food trailers. 

Size of trailer to suit the nature of food

The nature of the food will determine the size of the trailer. It all depends on the kind of food that is served, the size of the kitchen and stocking requirements. Choose a trailer keeping in mind requirements such as increased stocking during heavier footfall days or outdoor events. 

Licensing requirements

The trailer needs to conform to licensing requirements of the Brisbane City Council.  With the exception of three types of business such as pre-packaged food, slushies and coffee/tea, all other food vans require a license. Therefore, carefully design the food van in consultation with experts so that the van meets the licensing requirements.  

Kitchen, flooring and stabilising

The kitchen needs to be fully functional, helping in giving the final touch to the servings. All necessary appliances should be available, with sufficient handling space. The flooring needs to be waterproofed, light but sturdy. The flooring should ideally be in a material that does not rot or be prone to infestations. A food van requires other safety aspects such as stabilising legs and effective hand brakes. 

Visually stunning designs to captivate the casual stroller

Brisbane turns into a virtual stage for culinary contests with many food vans. It is essential that the mood of the casual stroller or guests are captivated with stunning visuals to entice. Establishing a brand is essential to the success of the business. Therefore, choose the right kind of graphics and presentation to outshine other vans and gain footfalls.

The idea of a mobile restaurant is to build a brand parallel to earning revenues. A nondescript food van will not help to establish a brand. It will help to earn only revenues that will not help in the expansion of business. Therefore, choose a specialist food van customising agency to help translate your ideas into success.

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