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Custom Food Trucks – The Perfect Solution for Catering for Events

By June 3, 2016Blog

If you can cook a few things really well and they are easy and quick to prepare, chances are you can sell them as street food. Recent years have seen a movement away from conventional restaurants to the burgeoning food truck/food trailer industry. From gourmet food to coffee, there is something to satisfy every taste and mood.

However, street food is a competitive business. You cannot expect to roll into your spot every day and do brisk business, particularly if you sell seasonal fare like ice cream. Like all modern businesses, food truck owners need to innovate and expand their horizons. Catering at events is an option that lets food trucks make highly profitable returns and gain free publicity, a sort of best-of-both-worlds scenario.

Traditional catering is still going strong, but more and more event managers are turning to food trucks to arrange food at weddings, corporate events, parties, and more. Then there are the mega events like major sporting events, music tours and shows, trade fairs and expos, etc. Special events like food truck festivals, beach festivals, and seasonal food fairs are a must visit for food lovers keen on sampling the exciting and innovative food being dished up by food truck owners.

Here is a quick rundown of the major aspects of a hiring a food truck for anyone seeking catering.

Numbers: How many food trucks you will need depends on the number of guests and the kind of food you want. A single food truck can serve anywhere from 60 to 120 guests every hour, varying with the complexity of the food being offered, the size of the kitchen on board the food truck and its number of staff.

Food Variety: A single food truck may be able to provide you with some variety, but if the numbers allow it, it may be better to have more than one or two trucks to provide further  options to your guests. You can also work out the menu with the food truck owner and trim down the items or request special meals that are vegan or gluten-free. Drinks and desserts are often served by separate food trucks but depending on the food truck owner, may be incorporated into their offering. Mobile bars are also a good replacement for the regular open bars.

Requirements: All you need to provide is parking space and an area for your guests to enjoy their food (seated or standing). Power is appreciated, but not necessary as many food trucks operate with generators run on battery power. You do not need servers or bartenders. Food trucks come with their own staff and disposable serving ware.

Cost and Management: Regular catering can be a logistical nightmare. You may have to hire staff to take care of the various activities.  And most importantly, a kitchen from which to prepare food needs to be taken into account. This is where hiring a food truck for an event really makes sense, particularly for an outdoor event. With food trucks, all you need to provide is the number of guests. The food truck owners take care of the rest.  They will estimate the amount of food that they need and there is no shortage or wastage to the event organiser.

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