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How to start a food truck business in Queensland

By February 18, 2017Blog

Set amidst picturesque settings, Queensland with its rich share of history is definitely the ideal place to fire up a business venture with food trucks. The culinary assault that the food trucks unleash in Queensland have turned the landscape into a veritable platform to establish and entice guests. Here are a few tips to help you roll out plans for starting a food truck business in Queensland. 

Select the offering and presentation with care

With numerous entities, some established some not so established, it is important to offer food that is different from what is commonly available. Many of the outdoor gourmets choose food vans for the variety and the novelty of the experience. Therefore, choose a concept that adds spice to the existing variety. Alternatively, you could take the tried and tested route of going with a product that is heavy demand but short in supply. 

Rugged to take the rough in its stride

Choose a food van that is rugged, made of light but strong material. The body should ideally be of heavy-duty material, with safety features such as electric brakes, stabilising legs etc. The flooring needs to be of a material that is waterproof and does not rot. Insulation is a necessity across terrain, and the Queensland weather will make insulated interiors comfortable to conduct business. 

Design of the van

The quality, taste and presentation of the food, in addition to the environs where it is served determines the success of a venture. Therefore, great care should go into the design of a food van. The colours need to be vibrant and elegant and remain that way for long in the humid Queensland weather. The addition of LED screens and neon displays will add visual attraction to the food vans. 

Efficient appliances in the kitchen

The kitchen needs to incorporate appliances that function smoothly and reliably. Avoid appliances of substandard quality that are most likely to let you down during the most important phase of preparing the food. Take the expertise of food van customising specialists to design and plan the van.

Selling outdoors has many advantages, in terms of overhead costs, and easy reach with targeted customers. However, it is important that the advantages are not frittered away by poor choice of van design and structure. Look for a design that will maintain its appearance with minimal maintenance in the harshest conditions.

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